A friendly family hotel along the way

Whether you go from south to north or deviate from your route in the hope of resting, Pohjankievari is your perfect place to stay. We are a private family hotel in a quiet area close to Oulu and the airport.

We want to serve you well and flexibly. Breakfast is served on weekdays before six in the morning so that you can start the day’s chores on time. If you arrive after a long day, the sauna is warm, drinks are cool and a pub-style menu is at your fingertips. As a fun addition, there is a barbecue hut in the yard, where you can sit in the evening with your own snacks.

Is your favourite Santorini, Tauno Palo, Marimekko or English Chippendale? In the new  Kievarinhovi-building there is apartments with sauna, kitchen and terrace, decorated in different styles. Or maybe you’ll find an uncomplicated single room  in the main building side? In the first wing there are family-friendly apartments with kitchens and separate bedrooms. For important encounters, you can book two  meeting rooms, the larger of which is suitable for up to a hundred people.

Our reception is open Monday to Saturday from 15:30 to 22:00. Of course, you can also stay on Sundays, when we serve by phone at  +358 (0)8 515 433.

Welcome to Pohjankievari!

Outside opening hours, you can log in according to separate instructions.

Hotel Pohjankievari

Private family hotel close to Oulu and the airport.

In appearance, Pohjankievari resembles an American-style motel, but differs from the images created by the films already in terms of the level of service. We value the basics: a good night’s sleep, breakfast and a home-like atmosphere. Our guests are commuters, sports teams and other travelers, and our regular customers return year after year. The yard is easy to reach even with a large truck, there are heating outlets in the parking area and electric cars can be charged without additional charges.

Kempele’s own Pohjankievari has a long history. Once located on the old main road, the place was known as an entertainment-oriented hotel with buffet tables, cheerful life and dances to the beat of star artists. For current owners Pohjankievari was transferred in 2014, when a good night’s sleep finally replaced the nightlife. It is a matter of our heart that our business brings work and movement to the community.


Restaurant services

Refresh your evening with tasty drinks and uncomplicated dishes! Menu available Mon–Sat 17:00–21:00.

Breakfast is served:
Mon-Fri 5.45-9.00
Sat-Sun 8.00-10.00

Conference facilities

Arrange your important meetings in Pohjankievari’s meeting rooms. Ask for meeting rooms for your smaller and larger gatherings! We tailor a solution that suits you and your team.


Are you looking for longer term accommodation for yourself or a larger group? Are you looking for a package price that would also include evening meals?
Request a quote:

( (08) 515433 or  myynti@hotellipohjankievari.fi. We are happy to help!


Whether you’re looking for the feel of home or hotel-level amenities – choose from a variety of styles!


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