Commuter’s resting place near Oulu

Hotel Pohjankievari offers cozy and affordable accommodation for those on business trips. Here, you can dine, sauna, enjoy refreshments at the lobby bar, or play billiards all under the same roof. Our friendly and skilled staff is here to assist you in person, not just over the phone. During your free time, you can jog and explore the hotel surroundings, as well as use the barbecue hut in the yard.

We’re more than happy to provide additional tips on how to enjoy the surroundings of Pohjankievari. After a day of work, the area offers jogging trails and outdoor spaces. Nearby, you’ll also find a gym, and we can provide you with a key at a special rate.

Are you looking for long-term accommodation for yourself or a larger group? Do you desire a package deal that includes dinner?

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